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Parish News

Annual Garage Sale: August

San Antonio Garage Sale 2019 Collection begins 7/15/19 GARAGE SALE VOLUNTEERS Needed! July 15 through August 3. A special invitation is made to those high…Read More »

Religious Education Registration: NOW OPEN

For those families wanting to capitalize on a little bit of savings and ensure the right class schedule, we’re providing an opportunity for both! Registration…Read More »

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Worldwide Marriage Encounter at July 20-21, at San Antonio Church. Stay intimately connected with your spouse. Attend a Marriage Encounter Weekend and tune up your…Read More »

2019 Pastoral Service Appeal - PSA

LIVING THE GOSPEL MESSAGE As we begin the 2019 Pastoral Service Appeal (PSA), it is another way in which Parish Families have the opportunity to…Read More »

Things to Do During Eucharist Adoration

Fr. Benedict Groeschel points out in In the Presence of Our Lord: The History, Theology, and Psychology of Eucharistic Devotion that there are “four kinds…Read More »

Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship

Catholics Care. Catholics Vote. “We need to participate for the common good. Sometimes we hear: a good Catholic is not interested in politics. This is…Read More »

National Catholic Register News Feed

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Vatican News Feed

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OC Catholic News Feed

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Liturgical Norms for the Celebration of Catholic Funeral Rites

Diocese of Orange July 1, 2015 Dear brothers in the Lord,   It is my blessed opportunity to approve and promulgate the Liturgical Norms for…Read More »

How to go to Confession

† How To Go To Confession Before You Go… Examine your conscience, that is, reflect on what sins you have committed. To guide you, just…Read More »

Cell Phones for Soldiers

Do you have an old cell phone that you are not using? Did you know that by donating your old cell phone you could give…Read More »

Military Photographs

Please notice the photographs of those serving our country in places of danger posted on the bulletin in the vestibule of the church. Anyone who…Read More »

Anaheim Fire Department Paramedic Membership Program

As low as $3 per month: As the costs of medical care rise, it is important to make sure your family is covered in the…Read More »