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Walking With Purpose


Walking With Purpose

Do you desire to grow in your Catholic faith?  Do you seek connection with other women in our parish community? We invite you to consider joining Walking with Purpose this fall at San Antonio Church.  Weekly group sessions are starting this December. Opening Your Heart, our foundational study, is designed for women new to Walking with Purpose whether or not you have any Bible study experience; you are welcome as you are to learn how the Scriptures apply to our everyday lives.

The mission of Walking with Purpose is to help every Catholic woman and girl in America to open her heart to Jesus Christ. Interested in learning more? Contact: Jody Millspaugh at

Visit Walking with Purpose online at for more information or to register. Registration is $60 and includes study book and materials. Childcare is available and is FREE. We hope to see you! Bring a Friend!

Register Online Pay with Credit Card or Download Form Pay with Cash or Check

Pastoral Coordinator
Jody Millspaugh
(714) 974-1416 ext 121

Patti Sarnecki

Childcare Coordinator
Brooke Clegg

Our WWP Parish Program meets every Thursday at 6:30 pm in the Hall

Walking with Purpose is a women’s ministry with a mission of helping every Catholic woman and girl in America to open her heart to Jesus Christ. WWP Bible studies involve personal study and small group discussions that link our everyday challenges with the solutions given to us through the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church.
This 22-Week foundation course is designed for women who are new to WWP as well as those with more Bible study experience. Join us as we examine the core questions that we wrestle with if we want to experience all that God has for us.

There is still time to register before the next meeting. Registration is $60 and includes study book and materials. Childcare is available and is FREE. We hope to see you!


Date Day Room  Session # Description
11/7/2019 Thu 6:30 Hall   Kick-Off Social – All are Welcome! Bring a Friend!
11/14/2019 Thu 6:30 No Meeting
11/21/2019 Thu 6:30 No Meeting
11/28/2019 Thu 6:30 No Meeting -Thanksgiving
12/5/2019 Thu 6:30 Hall 1 Connect Coffee Talk: Four Steps to Walking With Purpose
12/12/2019 Thu 6:30 OLOG – No Meeting
12/19/2019 Thu 6:30 Hall 2 Who is Jesus Christ?
12/26/2019 Thu 6:30 No Meeting – Christmas
1/2/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 3 Why Is Jesus Christ Interested in My Friendship
1/9/2020 Thu 6:30 No Meeting -Blood Drive
1/16/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 4 Why and How should I Pray
1/23/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 5 Connect Coffee Talk: God – First Place in All Things
1/30/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 6 Who Is the Holy Spirit
2/6/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 7 Why Could I Read the Bible?
2/13/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 8 What is Grace and What Difference Does it Make
2/20/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 9 What Are the Limits of Christ’s Forgiveness
2/27/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 10 Connect Coffee Talk: Your Heart – You are Captivating
3/5/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 11 What Does the Sacrament of Penance Have to Do with My Friendship with Christ?
3/12/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 12 What Does the Eucharist Have to Do With My Friendship with Christ?
3/19/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 13 How Can I Conquer My Fears?
3/26/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 14 Connect Coffee Talk: Marriage – Transformed by Grace
4/2/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 15 What Is the Role of Suffering in My Life
4/9/2020 Thu 6:30 Holy Thursday – No Meeting
4/16/2020 Thu 6:30 Blood Drive – No Meeting
4/23/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 16 What Does Mary Have to Do with My Relationship with Christ?
4/30/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 17 Can God Really Change Me or Is That Just Wishful Thinking?
5/7/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 18 Connect Coffee Talk: Children: Reaching Your Child’s Heart
5/14/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 19 What Challenges Will I Face in My Efforts to Follow Jesus More Closely?
5/21/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 20 What is the Relevance of the Church in My Life?
5/28/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 21 How Do I read the Bible in a Meaningful Way?
6/4/2020 Thu 6:30 Hall 22 Connect Coffee Talk: Outside Activities – Set the World on Fire

News and Upcoming Events:

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