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Lectors for Mass

Lectors perform a valuable service to our parish in proclaiming the Word of God at Sunday Masses, Holy Days, and all liturgies during Holy Week. A lector makes a three year commitment to serve beginning on the First Sunday of Advent for the year in which readings follow Cycle A. New lectors are trained in the autumn when Cycle C is wrapping up. Based on this, new lector training is scheduled for autumn in the years 2013 and 2016.

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Allen Van Camp

Training consists of a meeting at which both lector procedures and effective proclamation are covered, followed by practice sessions at which new lectors are given a chance to proclaim a reading from the ambo and then be evaluated by current lectors. All lectors receive a workbook annually which contains all Sunday and Holy Day readings and guidelines for effective proclamation of each reading. The lector can also find online resources, such as podcasts in which they can listen to a suggested proclamation of their assigned readings.

Once a lector is commissioned, he or she is placed on the roster and generally scheduled between every three to five weeks. We try to alternate so that a lector who carries in the Book of the Gospels and proclaims the First Reading on one assignment will proclaim the Second Reading and pray the petitions at the Prayer of the Faithful for their next assignment. It does not always work out like that due to schedule issues but we do try to balance everyone’s service. The schedule is provided to lectors via email.



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