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YM Adult Volunteers

Interested in being an Adult Volunteer in the Youth Ministry Confirmation program?

Here’s what to expect:

Each adult will be paired with another adult to help lead a confirmation small group. Small group sizes are determined by the number of adult volunteers and teens in the program. Each small group may have one or more SALT teens who volunteer to participate (number depends on how many teens choose to make the commitment). They are expected and required to attend the classes and workshops as well.
Attendance is expected and required as follows:

  1. 2 confirmation classes a month (home and hall)
  2. 1 monthly workshop (at church for only adult and SALT volunteers)
  3. 1 confirmation retreat a year (all volunteers travel on the bus and bunk in same buildings as teens)
  4. Volunteer kickoff meeting (Sept)

We already have the curriculum in place! The group will review the upcoming class curriculum at each workshop. The adult volunteer’s role is to facilitate discussion within their small group. Each class has a topic along with discussion questions and group activities.
All volunteers must be fingerprinted, complete online safe environment course and online safe driver course. Details coordinated through the Youth Ministry Office.