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How to Advertise

Ministry Events: Bulletin Articles Deadline Schedule

All bulletin articles for your Ministry event are due by noon on Thursday 10 days before the Sunday publication date unless it is a holiday and an earlier deadline will be announced. Check bulletin for regular and holiday deadline dates.

How to Submit an Article for the Bulletin

1. Instructions / Bulletin Guidelines Rev 2017
2. Instructions / Website Guidelines Rev 2/2015

Business: How to Advertise Your Business inside the Bulletin

Advertising is local, affordable and effective. Reach out to potential customers in our community with an ad in our full color bulletin. To purchase advertising space please contact J.S. Paluch at 800.231.0805 and request an ad in San Antonio Church Bulletin 011204.

Tel: 1.800.231.0805
J.S. Paluch Company, Inc.

Thank You to our Advertisers for your support: