CHURCH CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS: Starting Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Church Closed for Renovations:

Starting Wednesday, December 26, 2018

In order to facilitate maintenance inside of the church building, effective Wednesday, December 26, the main church building will be closed for public and private use until mid-February 2019. Beginning December 26, all parish Liturgies will be held in Glynn Hall. This includes Funerals, Baptisms, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, prayer groups, and all daily and Sunday Masses.
The work to be done includes the following:

1. New Lights. In order to be compliant with recent State & Federal Government regulations, we can no longer purchase florescent lightbulbs and need to upgrade to LED lighting. A light fixture was sent to the manufacturer to determine if they could rebuild the guts of the existing light fixtures. In the process, it was determined that the cost is the same to purchase new light fixtures. With the advent of LED lights, the load on the existing air conditioning system is projected to be reduced by 10-15% as a result of less heat emanating from the new fixtures. This coupled with the 60% decrease in required energy to power the new lights will have a significant impact on energy costs thus reducing our utility bills.

2. In order to get to the lights, the pews need to be removed. Removing the pews provides great opportunity to:

  • Refurbish the pews
  • Paint the ceiling
  • Replace carpet & linoleum tile squares
  • Correct trip & fall areas

3. The pews will be sanded down, cleaned, & repaired. This is only a temporary solution to some long-term main-tenance and cost issues with our pews. Future study will determine if you want new pews for our parish. In addition, more seating opportunities will be allocated for parishioners utilizing wheel-chairs and walkers.

4. While it was my desire not to radically change the colors within our church building, it is not possible to duplicate the existing colors of the carpet and linoleum squares. Carpet squares will be utilized for easier maintenance and repair as well as new industrial linoleum. The ceiling color will remain the same.

5. With an eye on our elderly and handicapped parishioners, trip and fall areas will be corrected in and around the Sanctuary area. In addition, I am very humbled to announce the Sanctuary space will be made accessible for our handicapped parishioners.

6. Existing woodwork around the church will be re-varnished & the choir area will be cleaned and repaired.

7. Rear wooden divider barriers will be removed to facilitate viewing and full participation of our liturgies. Every week at several liturgies, as well as Christmas & Easter crowds, over 100+ people are left standing or sitting on the floor behind the wooden barriers. While they can hear, they cannot see and fully participate.

8. The existing stained-glass window, adjacent to the choir area will be removed and repurposed elsewhere on our parish grounds. While the original intent of this window project was good, the end result has been the topic of discussion that continues to this day. As we already have an established style of stained-glass window as well as an existing image of St. Anthony of Padua in one of the original stained-glass windows, many of the founding families and longstanding parishioners request the window adjacent to the choir be put back to its original state.

9. In order to facilitate maintenance in the church please be advised that soon several storage containers will be delivered, after December 25, a work tent will be set up in front of the church building, and all Church door locks will be changed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this renewal project. More details and instruction will be given when appropriate. I will be happy to answer questions on the weekend of the 3rd week of Advent before and after all Sunday Liturgies.

This is your continued donation dollars at work, and for that, I thank you for your generosity and support in keeping our church safe and maintained for now and future generations.

Fr. John