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Fr. John’s New Year’s Message

Recently Pope Francis dedicated the New Church Year in honor of St. Joseph, the quiet, gentle and hardworking carpenter, husband of our Blessed Mother Mary. As we begin this New Year of 2022 our parish will be quietly at work, taking on the mantel of St. Joseph in maintaining our Parish Ministries and the Parish Facilities.

Early in the New Year I will present the annual Pastoral Services Appeal. With the Pandemic, I kept a low profile out of respect for those who had been furloughed and lost employment. However, now is the time to highlight this important Parish and Diocesan endeavor as the PSA will help fundraise for the needed renovations to the Single-Story Classroom Building.

Rather than have two separate fundraisers, the PSA Appeal sends back any parish donations over the allotted amount set by the Diocese. Thus, our parish does not have to pay extra fees for management of additional fundraising. Combining the two fundraisers will save our parish in administrative expenses.

With the continued pandemic, our parish staff is still at a minimum and volunteers are still skittish to step forward. However, we will do our best to stay on budget and manage wisely your financial generosity to fund and care for our parish ministries and facilities. Having said that, as you know, with inflation and current supply side economics, the cost of our parish expenses continues to increase along with your household expense. Thus, I humbly ask you to consider adding an additional $5 to your regular donations. This will help maintain salaries and healthcare benefits for your Parish Staff and offset our rising expenses.

In addition to the classroom building renovation, we will also be repairing the roof on the Church and other parish buildings. And, the gradual redesign of the garden areas to low water plants is part of our ongoing 5-year project to save long-term on the water bill, along with the continued implementation of LED lighting and efficient updates to thermostats to help with other rising utility costs. All maintenance continues to serve the needs of our Parish Ministries by offering safe, clean and updated environments within our parish budget.

We have also made a commitment for Fiesta 2022! The dates will be mid-September. In doing so, I have realigned the Fiesta decision making, to resemble the existing Finance and Pastoral Councils, by assembling a core team of previous Fiesta Chairs, to be known as the “Fiesta Board of Directors”. This dedicated team will manage the decisions for our continued successful and safe Fiestas. With current projects being scheduled, we are still grappling with the Annual Garage Sale dates. If you would like to be part of the Garage Sale Management team please let me know.

Our parish has received a few small gifts for specific dedication. First, to purchase a statue of our Blessed Mother Mary for the outside garden. The other gift is to incorporate religious artwork in the vestibule area of the Church. To help in these important decisions, I will soon ask for volunteers to help guide the Pastoral Council in recommendations. In addition, I will also assemble a “Construction Advisory Committee” to help oversee decisions for the Single-Story Classroom renovation and other parish needs. Don’t let the word construction scare you!

While we are not building physical buildings, we are building inward temples for the Holy Spirit to dwell, and we are certainly in the mindset of maintaining the parish campus which we now enjoy by utilizing the talents of those who are skilled in specific areas. Thus, we walk this journey, 2022, with St. Joseph, relying on his advice as a carpenter and his strong support of providing for our Parish Families in gently directing us to a deeper relationship with Christ our Lord. It will be a busy year and I will try my best to keep you updated on the progress of these wonderful endeavors!

I pray it will be a prosperous year for us all!

Fr. John Neneman