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Outdoor Sunday Mass – Part Two

This information pertains to San Antonio de Padua Church only, as Bishop Vann has given each pastor latitude in managing the Covid-19 response for his particular parish community.

Greetings to All & Thank You to all how helped make our 1st Ever Outdoor Parish Masses a wonderful, Spirit-Filled experience.  

The desire for Word & Sacrament are strong within us!

As we learn our way through the end of this pandemic it is necessary to make a few revisions to Pre-Pandemic regularly scheduled parish sacramental encounters.  Now Mid-Pandemic, please note the following:

  • Cancellation of the 12 noon (11:45) Mass until further notice.
  • Saturday 5pm Livestream Mass by Invitation only to those in our parish family who are elderly as well as those who might have serious medical conditions that do not allow them to be in large crowds during this delicate time. 
  • Change of Confessions time to Saturday starting at 9:15am
  • Ministries are suspended and not allowed to use the church facilities during the summer.
  • Glynn Hall and Facility Rooms are not to be used during the summer.
  • Most parish staff are still on furlough or reduced working hours.
  • Ancillary services to our parish are greatly reduced or suspended due to a need to reduce expenses.
  • The Parish Office will only be open on Sunday from 8am-11am throughout the summer.
  •  Youth Ministry is suspended until late Fall 2020
  • Drinking Fountains are to be turned off by order of the Health Department
  • Sunday Masses will continue outdoors until the weather gets too blistering hot or the Health Department increases the numbers of persons allowed in a building.
  • We are going paperless.  You are asked to review the parish website for ongoing information, and utilize your personal device for daily Mass readings.
  • Again, I encourage you to utilize online giving to offer your gift to our church.

The 12 Noon (11:45) Mass will be suspended until further notice.  This decision was based on the hot outdoor weather and limited shade during noontime, the limited amount of persons in attendance, as well as a need to reduce expenses.

I invite those who are 80+ or those who have a serious medical need requiring isolation to contact me and reserve your seat for the Saturday 5pm Livestream service.   Seating will be limited and your space in the church will be a healthy distance from others.  Health precautions will be enforced and all will be required to wear a mask.  The Church will be disinfected before you will be allowed to enter.

The change in Confession times is an attempt to address the need for extra setup time between the end of Confessions and the 5pm Parish Mass.  

The closing of the parish facilities to ministries is a request from our Bishop and helps reduce the expense of hiring ancillary cleaning service and A/C usage during the summer.

Limited Parish Office hours are a direct result of parish finances and a need to reduce expenses.

Youth Ministry is suspended due to a need to reduce parish expenses along with a need to be cognizant of how the Covid-19 virus is still active.

We are striving to reduce the amount of times we touch the sacred objects, vessels and necessary books utilized in Mass.  The Altar will be set only once, with all necessary liturgical items in place.

We are striving to reduce the amount of times we are move around during Mass.  Thus, we have eliminated the Entrance procession, the Gift Procession, the Recession (exit) Procession, and the moment and the manner you are to come forward to receive the Eucharist.  

Right now, simpler is better.

I once again remind the San Antonio Parish Community that I strongly urge you to wear a mask while on church property and while attending Mass or Confession.  The pandemic is not over and I humbly remind us to be attentive to the needs of others as well as ourselves in staying healthy as we make our way to sainthood.

Please bring your own sanitizer and water.

I am sure more will follow.  Until then!
San Antonio de Padua, Pray for us!
Fr. John Neneman