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Outdoor Sunday Mass – Part One

This information pertains to San Antonio de Padua Parish only and is a combination of County, State & Diocese policies & recommendations, as well as, incorporating your considerations and concerns gleaned from recently sent surveys.


We are planning public Masses for Sunday 14 June 2020 as follows:

  • 8 am, 10 am, 12 noon & 5 pm SUNDAY ONLY
  • All Sunday Masses will be OUTSIDE
  • Until further notice the Saturday 5pm  Mass will be LIVESTREAM ONLY and available to pray with for 24 hours following.
  • Please note, we will no longer livestream the 10am Mass, only the Saturday 5pm Vigil Mass will be livestreamed.
  • MASKS ARE REQUIRED for all parish functions until further notice
  • Please bring your own chair, blanket and or small umbrella.
  • The Church will not provide chairs for outdoor Masses. 
  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer & face mask

Facilitating Mass outdoor will help with:

  1. Not limited to inside the building mandate of 100 persons
  2. No need to shut down and disinfect between Mass, you bring & take your chairs, no doors & pews or walls to touch.
  3. Outdoor air impedes the spread of the Covid virus
  4. Outdoor helps decrease the A/C electric bill by managing parish expenses in reaction to a sharp decrease in donations

You are encouraged to self police and spread out from the top of the Solomon St  parking lot, utilizing the front lawn and sidewalks, all the way across the Church Plaza to the round orange bollards of the Front parking lot.

Bishop Vann discourages parishioners from sitting in automobiles while attending Mass.

Please utilize the restroom at home.  
Parish Restrooms are limited to 2 persons in the room at a time.  

Please remember to keep a 6 foot distance if a a line forms for the facilities.  Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.

In order to impede the spread of the virus, singing during this time is discouraged.  Music will be swift and at times instrumental only.  
The Clergy are requested by Bishop Vann the keep the Holy Mass short, reverent and relevant.

Touching, hand shaking, hugging and other forms of physical greeting are highly discouraged.  

Again, please bring your own hand sanitizer.  
There will be no hand holding during the “Our Father” prayer

The  “Kiss of Peace” / Sing of Peace has been suspended until further notice.

Donation & Communion Stations will be established on the parameter.  

  • A “pass the basket” type of collection is not allowed. 
  • Please remember to keep 6 foot distance during all parts of our outdoor Mass.

Reception of the Eucharist will be at the VERY END of Mass, after the Prayer After Communion and the Final Blessing.

Outside Sunday Masses will continue until the inside the building, 100 person limitation is suppressed or the outside temperature becomes oppressive.

You will need to take your temperature at home and be self aware knowing that if you are not 100% it is your responsibility to self isolate and seek medical attention as needed.

You are to wear a mask & self police yourself and your family, keeping that healthy 6 foot distance from others.

Blessing to all as we venture into this new normal, mid-pandemic and beyond.  I am certain more instructions will follow.  

San Antonio de Padua, Pray for Us!

Fr. John