The Parish Pastoral Council exists for the purpose of establishing, fulfilling and nurturing a vision for our parish as a Catholic Christian Community of faith, hope and love.

The Pastoral Council acts with prayerful discernment as the representative voice of all people of God in the Parish by operating as a consultative and advisory body to the Pastor. In prayerful reflection and in light of church teachings, the PPC will research, develop and recommend the implementation of San Antonio’s Parish Pastoral Plan in setting goals for our Parish.

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Interested in Joining the Pastoral Council?

The San Antonio Pastoral Council supports our parish mission statement, “…We find our identity and mission in Jesus Christ and His Gospel. We celebrate our life as Catholic Christians in word, worship and service…”

The Pastoral Council is a visioning body assessing where the parish is today and where we need to go. We discern what we should be doing, explore new ideas, and speak for the Parish in an advisory capacity to our Pastor. Each year the Council acts, in a participatory manner, as a representative voice of all parishioners and supports the Pastor in his administration of the Parish.

The Pastoral Council meets monthly from September through June. Requirements include being a registered member of San Antonio Catholic Church in good standing for a minimum of two years; be actively involved in at least one parish ministry, and be willing to serve for a minimum of three years. You only need a desire to serve, a prayerful disposition and some time. You will be heard, meet wonderful people and increase your knowledge of, and living in, your faith.

Each year we are in need of individuals who are committed to continuing these projects. The members share their time and talent. We seek five new members every year to represent the entire spectrum of parishioners. With a three-year commitment, we always have a good mix of experience and fresh ideas. In late April and early May, interviews are held to determine the new members to be inducted in June. If you feel called to explore further, you can talk to a council member or contact the parish office at 714-974-1416 or the Chair elect of the PPC.

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